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    Need help finding the perfect nanny for your family? Nannies Plus can help!

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Nannies Plus


Children are at the heart of everything we do at Nannies Plus


Our home-based care and education service successfully supports and matches nannies with families.  We’re here to ensure your little ones receive the best possible start in life.

Nannies Plus also delivers internationally-respected nanny training programmes – our nannies are in hot demand not just in New Zealand but all over the world.  

So whether you’re a young family looking for the perfect nanny or you’re seeking a rewarding career in Early Childhood, Nannies Plus has got you covered.

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How does Nannies Plus help nannies?

So you want to train to be a nanny?

Enrol in our Level 4 qualification and you’ll spend four days a week with a training family and just one day a week in the classroom. You’ll graduate with loads of hands-on practical experience and can become one of our sought-after Q Nannies once you graduate.  What’s more, the course is FREE!*

Already qualified and looking for work?

Join our team of passionate Q Nannies. We’ll match you up with a great family, provide ongoing employment support and issue practicing certificates so you can showcase your professional development – and it won’t cost you a penny!  Don’t feel alone in your profession.  Join Nannies Plus and become part of a larger nanny community.

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