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Working as a nanny is challenging, rewarding and packed with variety. No two days are ever the same – just as no two families are ever the same! If you’re passionate about forging a career as a nanny, join our team at Nannies Plus.

We’ll find a family that is the perfect fit for you, provide you with ongoing support and opportunities and help you be the best you can be in your career. Why go it alone, when you can become part of a larger nanny community at Nannies Plus?


Professional Development

One of the best things about being a nanny is never standing still. As the children grow and develop, so does a nanny’s understanding of them and their family.  Nannies Plus supports this with continual learning by offering two evenings a year of professional development, occasional weekend courses, paying for first aid refreshers, loaning books & DVDs on topics of interest and even offering personal coaching.

Nanny Reward Programmes

Nannies Plus issues two practising certificates. Once you gain employment the Provisional Practising Certificate is issued, showing your qualification and skill level. After about a year, (once you’ve consistently demonstrated your skills, had positive feedback from your employer and have continued to meet the professional standards Nannies Plus sets), you’ll be eligible to receive the full certificate. These certificates are valuable in the employment market as they show the high standard of nannies we place.

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