ERO Report

It is important that as a parent you make an informed choice for your child. For early childhood education, the Education Review Office evaluates and reports on the care of students in schools and centres (including home based and nanny services) throughout New Zealand.

At Nannies Plus we support this initiative and are delighted to report constant positive reviews for our services.

Some excerpts from the latest report…

“Children experience a curriculum that is responsive to individual needs and choices.”

“…consistency with family culture, values and aspirations is enabled. Nannies know the children well and work collaboratively to meet parent aspirations.”

“Children’s learning stories, written by nannies, show the development of children’s skills, knowledge and progress over time. These are attractively presented. Input from the families is evident.”

“Sound systems and processes are in place. Nannies keep detailed records that are monitored by the visiting teacher. Spot checking practice is also undertaken.”

Full ERO report is available on