For Families


Nannies Plus is a great option for families looking for home-based childcare:


  • ZERO agency fees
  • FREE wage service
  • Providing families with Quality Nannies since 2006
  • ECE funding available
  • Programme Allowance available for under 3 yr olds
  • Multiple Birth funding available
  • WINZ funding available
  • Qualified, awesome visiting teachers support each nanny and family
  • Te Whariki -Early Childhood curriculum followed
  • Learning stories-Follow your child’s learning journey ( Educa)
  • Weekly playgroup
  • Monthly trips
  • Regular Professional development for Nannies


Hire a Nannies Plus Q Nanny (Qualified Nanny) – Qualified and experienced, our Q Nannies have an excellent reputation and provide first-class early childhood education and care.  We have a large pool of fantastic Q Nannies to choose from and we’ll work with you to find someone who is the perfect fit for your family.  We don’t charge a placement fee and we can help you and your new nanny negotiate hours, workload and wages (usually between $16 - $24 per hour).

Our Nannies will develop individual learning plans for your child and keep you updated on milestones and learning experiences with a daily diary.  They’ll be guided and supported through regular home visits from our highly-experienced visiting teachers, and in return, we ask you to support and encourage them and give them constructive feedback.  Nannies are keen and eager to work alongside your family, whilst providing fun, learning opportunities for your children and an extra pair of hands around the home.

The Education Review Office reviews our service regularly to ensure we are providing a quality service.
See our latest reports here and here.

Why choose Nannies Plus Home-Based Care?

  • Your child’s individual strengths are catered for and their needs will always come first; they’re not viewed as part of a group or collective.
  • Your child is in familiar surroundings and doesn’t have to compete for resources, time and adult attention. There’s a lot less stress and they also don’t have to rush in the morning, just because you need to get to work!
  • Education opportunities are tailored specifically to your child and there are more opportunities for spontaneous activities (such as going for walks or joining in on local community events).
  • We organise trips throughout the year for our nannies and children to places like the zoo, fire stations, museums and the great outdoors.  Outings are educational, fun, and give your child plenty of opportunities to socialize with other children of the same age.
  • Consistent behaviour guidance (agreed on by you and your nanny).
  • Visiting teachers visit your home once a month to assist your nanny with your child’s learning plan and ensure the environment is the very best it can be for your child.
  • If your child is sick you don’t have to take time off work.
  • Our nannies can help with household chores, cooking and grocery shopping.
  • You’ll be kept updated on your child’s daily development through your nanny’s daily dairy.
  • Our nannies will respect your family’s ethics and values and will reinforce your family’s philosophy.
  • We organise twice-yearly education evenings for families and nannies to learn useful ways to further enhance your child’s learning and development.


  • All our nannies are professional and have had training in child care, child education and communication.  They also have the continuous support of Nannies Plus staff and visiting teachers.
  • To ensure the safety of your child we check your home environment against standards set by the Ministry of Education for child safety and can recommend and help with any changes that are needed.  Our nannies also carry out daily and monthly safety checks in your home.
  • Our visiting teachers are fully registered with the NZ Teachers’ Council and undertake professional development each year to ensure their extensive knowledge stays up-to-date.
  • The Education Review Office reviews our service regularly to ensure we are providing a quality service.  See our latest reports here and here.
  • We provide qualification checks for nannies and have an appraisal system.
  • We run police checks for nannies every three years.

How much does it cost?

The service provided by Nannies Plus is free to families of enrolled children. We’re funded by the Ministry of Education to provide support for the nanny, and education for the child. Usual rates apply for employing a nanny (generally between $16 and $24/hour), and are agreed on between the family and the nanny. A nanny’s wage is usually calculated according to the number of children in the family plus all other tasks she is responsible for.  Sometimes children will be at home with the nanny and other times not and the nanny’s pay continues regardless.

Funding may be available to assist in paying your nanny or reducing the wage.  These may include:

  • 20 hours ECE subsidy for children 3-5 years (currently Wellington only)
  • Programme allowance (payment made by Nannies Plus for children under 3 years of age with a Q Nanny)
  • WINZ child care subsidies
  • Multiple birth home help assistance

Give us a call to discuss your situation and we’ll see how we can help!

Wellington or Auckland 0800 844 888

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