For Families

Having a nanny is a flexible childcare option that allows children to be cared for in loving and familiar home surroundings.

Nannies care for your child like you would, showering them with undivided attention and love. Being in the comfort of their home – their domain – your child will be more inclined to explore, discover, take risks and grow into confident young individuals, all under the watchful eye of a trusted nanny.

Typically nannies have some form of qualification or relevant experience, which equips them to provide a safe, positive and stimulating learning environment in which children can develop.

Our nannies are well supported by us and our growing nanny community. They are an extremely flexible childcare option; available part-time or full-time at the hours convenient to you. Nannies can either live in your home with your family or come in daily. Another huge bonus is that most nannies also help you around home, doing the laundry, dishes, etc.

Having a nanny is not just advantageous, but also a practical solution to childcare. It’s also not as expensive as you think it is.

Nanny selection process

A nanny is the one who will care for your children, teach them and nurture them. That’s a big responsibility and we understand this.

Our nannies are carefully selected. Each one is reference checked, police checked and interviewed by experienced childcare professionals. We ensure that they hold a current first aid certificate. And, we provide constant support to our nannies for their growth and development, and ensuring that the children in their care are blossoming.

Each family has its unique requirements. We will help you find the perfect nanny for your family’s individual needs. Besides, we make the whole process stress-free by also supporting you with job descriptions, contracts, wage payment, interview preparation, etc.

Why choose us?
  • Zero agency fee – we do not charge any fee for placement of a nanny with your family!
  • Free wage service – we do not charge for managing your regular payments to the nanny.
  • Professional nannies – our nannies are selected with great care. They are passionate carers and educators with a first aid certificate and all reference checks completed.
  • Easy to hire – we take the hassle out of hiring by supporting you through the process with identifying the best nannies to select from, assisting with paperwork and supporting throughout the tenure with you. We provide the employment contract and help with payroll – at no cost.
The cost of a nanny

Most people have a perception that nannies are expensive. But, if you have two or more children, nannies may actually be a cheaper alternative to most other childcare options. Besides, you can be assured that your child is in the care of a trusted and qualified person.

The cost of a permanent nanny can vary from upwards of $18 per hour, depending on experience. You can also claim towards a part of the cost towards hiring a nanny. Contact us to know more about which government allowances your family may be entitled to.

How to sign up for a nanny with us?

It’s simple.

Email or call us to register your interest with us. One of our consultants will be happy to assist you in filling out the requirement forms, answering all your questions, assessing funding entitlements and processing your application.

We will send you applicants to review and interview (don’t worry; we’ll guide you on what you should be asking the prospective nannies!). Once you’ve finalised the nanny you’d like to employ, make an offer and wait for the nanny to confirm. Once the confirmation is in, we will organise the paperwork like employment contract and payroll.


There are many reasons for you to join us with your nanny. Here are a few you should consider:

  • We have a comprehensive programme that includes a Visiting Teacher who will support your nanny in ensuring that your child’s growth and development needs are being met. The programme encourages children’s participation in real life experiences, it enhances their independent exploration and promotes meaningful and enthusiastic learning.
  • You could gain access to childcare subsidies that were previously not being claimed. Some of these are non income tested subsidies, while others are WINZ and multi-birth benefits.
  • We do not charge any agency fee.
  • Free wage service – we will manage your nanny’s payroll at no cost to you!
  • Nannies benefit from professional and peer support, as well as resources and professional development.
How to join this programme?

If your nanny and you are ready to participate, just give us a call and we’ll do the rest. Participation does include consent to our teachers visiting you and also ensuring that your home is compliant as per Ministry of Education home safety guidelines.

There are a few more points that we will cover off with you to make the transition easy. Call us and find out more.

In a typical nanny share, two or more families employ one nanny, sharing the cost of her salary. Most nannies watch all the children together, but many families work together to come up with a schedule that is tailored to their needs.

Since both families are contributing to the nanny’s pay, the nanny is usually able to earn more than she would make working for a single family.

Why opt for nanny share?

Among the benefits of sharing a nanny with another family are:

  • Quality care at an affordable price. Sharing a nanny can bring the cost of childcare down to the same price level as a day care, or even lesser depending on the number of children.
  • Personal attention, even though the nanny is watching multiple children.
  • Flexibility. This is one of the major reasons for parents to opt for a nanny; when sharing a nanny, this factor remains a major benefit.
  • Socialisation. With more children in the group, more bonds are developed between children and their parents. This is great for a child’s development.
Choosing wisely is the key

Not only do you have to choose the right nanny for your family, you also need to ensure that you have chosen the right family to share your nanny with. Here are some things to keep in mind in order to make this work successfully.

  • Look for families with similar parenting outlook as yours; education, diet, behaviour, etc. It also helps to find a family that has same aged children as yours.
  • Put everything in writing – sick days, routines, timetables, etc. An agreement or contract gives everyone a common road map to refer to when issues come up.
  • Communicate and stay flexible – once everyone has settled on the details, it’s important to keep the lines of communication open and the drama to a minimum.
How we can help?

Once you have found someone to share your nanny with please contact us and we can help you find the perfect nanny to meet your ‘joint needs’.