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Working as a nanny is extremely rewarding and no two days are ever the same! The children you work with are interacting with the world, growing, processing new information and developing their skills and talents, and you will be by their side to guide them!

Our unique 20 week training programme will give you the knowledge, skills and qualifications you need to become a highly sought-after nanny, anywhere in the world.  You’ll spend four days each week gaining real-life experience with a supportive training family, and just one day a week in the classroom.

Delivered in conjunction with NZCC (New Zealand Career College), the Certificate in Early Childhood Practice (Level 4) is NZQA-accredited, and better still, it’s FREE! (Conditions apply).

What will I learn?

  • Eighty percent of your learning will take place in the home of your training family (carefully selected by Nannies Plus).  We’ll give you plenty of support to help you provide the best care and education for the child. Your tutor will make regular home visits and suggestions for activities, the environment, safety and household management.  You’ll develop individual learning plans for your child and document their milestones and learning experiences in a daily diary.  We also run a weekly playgroup and organise a trip each month that you and your child can join in on.
  • During your one day a week in the classroom, you and your classmates can share the good things that have happened with the children and talk about any issues that may have arisen.  You’ll work with your tutor to plan for your child’s wellbeing and learning. We’ll also help you with your CV and job interview preparation and give you employment advice. 
  • Everything you learn in class has a direct practical application to your work as a nanny, and everything you will need to know once you get a job has been included in the course.
  • With guidance and support from Nannies Plus and your training family, you’ll have progressed from a ‘capable babysitter’ to a ‘capable nanny’ by the end of your training.  A ‘capable nanny’ is one who is able to walk into a home, quickly form a relationship with the children, establish effective communication with the parents, help determine the routine of the day and keep the household running happily in an unsupervised situation.
  • If you successfully complete all the course requirements you’ll gain the NZCC Certificate in Early Childhood Practice which is a 60 credit, Level 4 certificate.  You’ll also receive a First Aid Certificate and a Children & Water Certificate from Swimming New Zealand (Wellington only).

How much does it cost?

  • It’s FREE! In return for the help you offer them, your training family will pay your course fees for you.
  • Printed course notes are provided, however you’ll need to supply your own stationery, notebooks, writing paper, ring binders and pens.  You’ll also need to provide your own transport to and from the college and to the practicum family homes.

What are my options after I graduate?

  • After graduating you can join Nannies Plus as a Q Nanny (Qualified Nanny) and we’ll help you find a great job! We offer a free placement service, and will assist you in finding employment after your course.  Once employed, we’ll continue to support you and help you with employment contracts and wage services, free of charge.
  • Although most of the placements we arrange are in New Zealand, if you’re keen to head off on your big OE, we have relationships with several overseas placement agencies and can help you find work abroad.  Currently we have nannies working in England, USA, Hong Kong, Australia and even Costa Rica!
  • For those keen to take their studies further, completing this certificate gives you direct entry into NZCC’s Level 5 Diploma in Early Childhood Education.  It may also be considered to meet the entry requirements into other tertiary providers’ bachelor programmes.

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