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Trusted Nanny Service

At Nurtured at Home - Nannies Plus, children and their families are at the heart of everything we do. Our experienced and friendly team take the stress out of finding the perfect childcare solution for your family by helping you find the right Nanny for your needs. Our nurturing and qualified Nannies form a long-lasting bond with your child through a one-to-one relationship built within the familiar and loving environment of your home.

We can provide flexible childcare options to suit the days and hours you require. Nannies can either live in your home with your family, or come in daily. Having a Nanny is a practical solution to your childcare needs, as they can also be available for other additional household duties.

Our services come with a promise of trusted care, zero agency fee and subsidised wage service (simple conditions apply). We provide ongoing professional development, and our Nannies receive ongoing guidance and support from a qualified and registered Early Childhood Teacher who visits your child in your home on a regular basis. Our service is licensed by the Ministry of Education and reviewed by the Education Review Office.

Enjoy the following benefits:

When you employ a Nanny through Nurtured at Home - Nannies Plus, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Zero Agency Fee and subsidised wage service (simple conditions apply).
  • No administration or processing fees.
  • Access to WINZ and ELP subsidies, and 20 Hours ECE for all children aged 3 and over.
  • Trained and experienced Nannies available.
  • Your Nanny will receive free resources to keep.
  • Your Nanny will receive free Professional Development.
  • We will pay for your Nanny to obtain a First Aid Certificate.
  • Weekly play and music groups for your child.
  • Free Discovery Days and community outings for your child.
  • Monthly Newsletter keeping you up-to-date with news and events.
  • Your Nanny will receive ongoing support to provide a learning programme.
  • Regular and ongoing contact with your Visiting Teacher.
  • Daily feedback on the care and education of your child, along with a portfolio showing your child’s learning journey.
  • When you refer either a Nanny or family to Nurtured at Home - Nannies Plus, you receive a $100 grocery voucher (conditions apply).

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How much do Nannies cost?

On average most Nannies charge between $23-27 in the Wellington region, although this is dependent on the level of experience and training of each individual Nanny. You may be entitled to a childcare subsidy through Work and Income which can significantly reduce the cost of a Nanny, and you may access 20 Hours ECE for preschool children aged 3 and over. To discuss what you may be eligible to receive in subsidies, please call us.

A Nanny share is where two families share the same Nanny and the wage is split between the two families. As a Nanny is employed by you, you will be expected to pay the Nanny for public holidays, annual and sick leave.

What will I be expected to do?

When you employ a Nanny you become their employer. You will need to provide an agreement to be signed by you and your Nanny which helps protect both parties should a dispute arise. At Nurtured at Home - Nannies Plus we provide contracts and job descriptions for you to use. As the employer you also need to make allowances for Holiday Pay, ACC, Kiwisaver and PAYE tax. Nurtured at Home - Nannies Plus offers a subsidised payroll system to take care of this for you.

You will also have health and safety commitments to ensure your home meets the regulatory requirements as set by the Ministry of Education.

What is the process from here?

We will send through profiles on each Nanny that we think best fits your requirements. You decide from these whom you would like to interview. Each family contacts the Nanny candidate directly for the interview. To assist with the interview process, we provide you with a list of helpful questions when we send through the profiles. We suggest you also consider some additional questions of things that will be important to your family to ensure the Nanny will be the perfect fit for you and your requirements.

The primary role of a Nanny is the care and education of the children they have been hired to look after. There is an expectation that they will also undertake child-related household tasks, and these should be clearly specified in the job description.

When you employ a Nanny under our education programme, the Nanny is not only providing nurturing care, but also providing Early Childhood Education. You will be assigned a Visiting Teacher, who is a qualified and registered Early Childhood Teacher. Their role is to provide your Nanny with guidance and support to implement an educational programme in line with the Early Childhood Education Curriculum, Te Whāriki, along with providing a level of pastoral support as needed.